Hi, I'm Zeek Kabani!

A wedding and engagement photographer and cinematographer in Dallas, Texas.

I’m the guy behind the camera! I’m the one playing peek-a-boo with your children, cracking lame jokes to make you laugh, fluffing your wedding dress and centering his tie... wait, what?

I have the immense privilege of doing what I love: capturing the moment, the emotion and the love between my clients and their families; all while making great friends along the way! My goal is to craft your session into a fun and relaxed atmosphere in order to highlight your most beautiful colors! And afterwards, deliver timeless photographs and custom works of art that will repeatedly bless your family for generations to come!

When describing my style of photography, I think of the phrase, "It’s the little things." I’m drawn to capture the intimate details, the smell of the air, the bond between mother and child, and the butterflies in your stomach before you walk the isle. I want you to look back at your photos years from now and have them ignite all of your senses as if you were there again. I have a southern, rustic style and a craving for uniqueness. I prefer simple locations over large distracting set-ups and props. It is difficult for me to specify only one style. Locations vary, my subjects vary, and therefore, my style varies as well! Once I upload your session, I select my favorite images with the best lighting and composition then I base my editing style on the feel of each particular image, in turn; each of your photos illustrate their own unique and artistic story.

My photography is not just my job; it is my passion and an extension of my heart. In addition to the quality of work I produce, I value my business based on my dedication to my clients! I consider their needs, understand their expectations, and I make communication my priority. I move to accommodate them, not only the day of the session, but throughout each and every step of the way. I want to get to know you, and develop a lasting relationship with you and your family. My work is not for everyone and that’s ok, I don’t strive to be for everyone. With that being said, I am searching for a connection; clients that appreciate the worth of photography and are just as excited about their photos as I am!

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